Customer story: Designing high-quality renewable energy websites with Tinify CDN

Evert Albers specializes in creating visual identities and websites for clients in the renewable energy sector. As a graphic and web designer with customers from various regions, ensuring an efficient user experience and fast website loading is crucial. With this, Tinify CDN became part of Evert’s workflow.

Key results:

  • Enhanced performance: By implementing Tinify CDN, Evert’s clients experienced better website performance, resulting in faster load times.
  • Global accessibility: The global server network of Tinify CDN ensured that users from various regions could access the websites with minimal latency, catering to Evert’s international clientele.
  • Technical Bridge: Evert’s non-technical background didn’t hinder his ability to optimize website performance. Tinify CDN provided a user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrated into his workflow.

Background: Tinify CDN’s first customer

Back in 2019, when the Tinify team started developing its CDN product, Evert was one of the first people testing the script that enabled faster website loading. While these days Tinify CDN is used by both technical and non-technical users, the initial focus was to ensure that everyone, from designers to developers, could effortlessly integrate Tinify CDN. 

“I find myself in a position where I have to communicate between two worlds, design and development. CDN was already much connected with my own job as a web designer, so it was just a matter of adding the Tinify CDN prefix to my clients’ URLs.”

Evert Albers, freelance graphic and web designer

Seamless implementation ensures that Tinify CDN operates quietly in the background, just as it should. Evert mentions that when he adds a new website to his CDN dashboard, it becomes almost effortless for him: “For me, it’s very simple. It fits perfectly into the amount of knowledge that I have. It’s so straightforward that I often forget it’s there.”

Solution: Multi-CDN for international reach

Evert highlights that for customers with an international reach, access to Tinify CDN was an added benefit to his services:

“A lot of what I do is in English, and sometimes I have clients reaching out to me from Asia or the United States. Their audiences are mainly international, so instead of being totally dependent on one main server to deliver content across the world, CDN makes the content available faster by serving it from servers located in different geographical points.”

Evert Albers, freelance graphic and web designer

In addition to this, Tinify CDN is made up of multiple content delivery networks (i.e. Multi-CDN), which is especially relevant for international customers such as the ones Evert caters to.

By definition, a CDN is useful to reduce latency and ensure faster content delivery. It makes the website faster because it stores copies of the content on servers in different places, so when someone in Asia or the United States visits the site, they get the information from a server closer to them. This makes the website load quickly and work smoothly for everyone.

But as a Multi-CDN, Tinify CDN ensures that if one server has a problem, the others can still keep the website running, reducing the chances of it going offline. In simple terms, using multiple CDNs is a smart move for international websites because it ensures users have a fast and reliable experience, which is great for the websites’ reputation and popularity.

In addition, Evert highlights the dual benefits of implementing Tinify CDN. Not only does it tackle slow load times across the globe but also offers an effective image compression feature. As an example, Evert mentions its usefulness in reducing image file sizes for websites “with a lot of images to illustrate technical developments in renewable energy”.


Web designer Evert Albers uses Tinify CDN to boost website performance for international clients in niche industries such as renewable energy. By making the most of Tinify CDN’s image optimization features and worldwide server network, Evert enhanced his clients’ websites, resulting in quicker load times for international audiences, and improved user experience. This story shows how non-tech-savvy professionals can enhance their clients’ websites with minimal setup.

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