Pros and cons WebP images

WebP is a by Google created image file format especially meant for web use. It’s a format that was created in 2010 but it’s still not widely used after all these years. The images can save a lot of storage and can make your webpages way faster which increases the user experience. However, the format is not supported by every browser yet and there is a risk of quality loss. Since more browsers accept the format, it’s getting more and more popular.

WebP images: why should you use them to improve your website?

WebP is an image file format created by Google that is meant for web use. It enables small file sizes while preserving quality. There is barely a contrast between your original picture and the WebP image and there can be minimal quality loss or no loss. By using your files in WebP format on your website you save a lot of data storage which ensures that your website loads faster.