Customer story: Web development agency TheGuy optimizes websites with Tinify’s Web Pro

“I found that Tinify’s Web Pro worked exceptionally well for our needs. It just became a part of our workflow.” 

Guy Walder, Founder of TheGuy

TheGuy is a web development provider offering a wide range of services from complex web development to custom web-based software solutions. As a company dedicated to delivering high-performance websites and systems, they signed up for Tinify’s Web Pro subscription to compress images, consequently enhancing website loading speeds for their clients.

Key results

  • Loading time reduction: Tinify’s Web Pro subscription significantly decreased website loading times for TheGuy’s clients.
  • Integration into workflow: Tinify seamlessly integrated into TheGuy’s workflow since 2017, becoming a fundamental part of their toolkit for web development and image optimization.

Background: Stumbling upon Tinify’s image compression tool

TheGuy was founded by Guy Walder, an engineer and developer with a background in managing information systems, and over time, the company expanded to twelve more people.

As TheGuy delved into more complex web development projects, they learned that optimizing images was a crucial aspect of enhancing website performance, particularly for clients with extensive content and numerous images:

“Image optimization wasn’t something I knew about from the start. It was a client who pointed out the need for website optimization. One of the main issues we identified was image size and weight. While exploring solutions, I stumbled upon Tinify, and I was immediately impressed by its capabilities.”

Guy Walder, Founder of TheGuy

Tinify’s drag-and-drop image compression tool impressed Guy with its capabilities, and he decided to sign up for Web Pro, a yearly subscription with limitless compressions. They have been using it since 2017: “I found it worked exceptionally well for our needs. It just became a part of our workflow.” 

Solution: Tinify’s role in image optimization and website performance

TheGuy adopted a comprehensive approach to image optimization, recognizing its often underestimated importance among customers:

“It’s challenging to persuade clients to invest the time in image optimization. Although we highly recommend uploading appropriately sized images, many clients continue to upload large, high-resolution images unnecessarily. This leads to slower loading times, lower Page Speed scores, and negatively impacts user experience.”

This is why, before launching any website or system, they perform a thorough optimization process. This includes optimizing both PDF and image files. They use Tinify to compress images and then convert them to the WebP format. This meticulous process ensures that their client’s websites load quickly.

“Every instance of using Tinify has resulted in improved performance. Loading times have significantly decreased, with some extreme cases of websites going from a 20-second load time to just 2-3 seconds. While Tinify plays a role in this improvement, it’s also a combination of clean and scrupulous coding practices and other optimization tools like WP Rocket and Lightspeed”.

Guy Walder, Founder of TheGuy


In 2017, TheGuy, a digital solutions provider, opted for Tinify’s Web Pro subscription to compress images. They assist clients in optimizing their websites, specifically addressing problems related to oversized images. Tinify is a crucial tool in their arsenal, contributing to substantial improvements in loading times. Some websites have seen load times reduced from 20 seconds to just 2-3 seconds, with additional support from tools like WP Rocket and Lightspeed, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Want to improve your website speed? Try out Tinify’s web interface for free before signing up to Web Pro.

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