Customer story: Tinify’s API optimizes images for construction material marketplace app Tul

“Infrastructure costs and improving SEO are recurring challenges in the e-commerce industry. Image compression is also one of them, and Tinify’s API has proven to be an effective solution.”

Nicolás Villegas, CTO of Tul

Tul is a B2B marketplace specializing in the sale of construction materials, tools, and various products tailored for small hardware stores across Latin America (LATAM). As a rapidly growing mobile app platform, Tul faced a critical challenge in optimizing images to enhance their app’s speed and reduce data transfer costs. To overcome this, they signed up for Tinify’s API Developer, integrating it seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Key results

  • Improved speed: Tinify’s API drastically improved the speed and responsiveness of Tul’s app, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Cost reduction: The reduction in image file sizes resulted in lower data transfer costs, contributing to cost savings for the company.
  • Same image quality: Despite the reduction in file sizes, the optimized images retained high quality, allowing users to view products in detail.
  • Positive user feedback: Users noticed and appreciated the app’s increased speed, resulting in higher user satisfaction.

Background: Discovering Tinify’s image compression API tool

Image optimization plays a crucial role in improving user experience, and this was a challenge that Tul faced right from the start when creating their app. For any e-commerce platform, while it is important to maintain high-quality images to provide customers with a detailed view, large images slow down loading times and increase data transfer costs, affecting the company’s bottom line. But co-founder and CTO Nicolás Villegas explained that they initially lacked awareness of the solutions available in the market:

“We recognized the importance of managing our images effectively to improve the speed of our app and reduce data transfer costs. Originally, we considered building our own solution, but another company recommended Tinify to us, so we decided to give it a try.”

Nicolás Villegas, CTO of Tul

After exploring Tinify’s capabilities, Tul decided to integrate Tinify’s API into their image management workflow: “We didn’t explore any other options. Since Tinify worked well for us from the start, we never felt the need to look for alternatives.”

Solution: Optimizing the app’s speed with Tinify’s API for lightweight images

Tul has been relying on Tinify’s API for the past two years, following a straightforward workflow: their work involves sending the initial product images from their catalog to Tinify’s API, which are then optimized and stored in Amazon S3. 

“Tinify has been instrumental in improving the speed, quality, and overall user experience of our app. We received positive feedback from users who noticed the increased speed and improved image quality”

Nicolás Villegas, CTO of Tul

Impressed by the effectiveness of Tinify’s image optimization solution, Nicolás has recommended Tinify to several other companies in Colombia and beyond:

“Infrastructure costs and improving SEO are recurring challenges in the e-commerce industry. Image compression is also one of them, and Tinify has proven to be an effective solution.”

Struggling to make your e-commerce or marketplace images load faster? Give Tinify’s API a try and enjoy the first 500 compressions every month for free!


Tul’s initial uncertainty about image optimization solutions faded as Tinify’s API seamlessly integrated into their workflow. By compressing their images with Tinify’s API Developer, Tul achieved a faster app, reduced expenses, and improved customer satisfaction. This has made Tinify’s image optimization solution a recommended choice for businesses facing similar challenges in the competitive e-commerce industry.

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  1. Hi, i am trying to compress for my Online Store But the Image is in Highly resolution when i try to compress with the help of tinypng it only compress upto 10%. how to fix this issue? If i will use Pro version then where it will compress the image without losing Quality?


    1. Hello there,

      The Web Pro uses the same compression algorithm as the free version, which means that signing up for it won’t lead to higher compression levels. What we suggest instead is to check if you can resize the image further in terms of megapixels. You can resize your images with built-in software on your computer. So here’s the order you should follow: first, resize your image by reducing its pixels, then optimize it by compressing it with Tinify, and finally upload it to your website.

      Hope this helps! For further questions, you can email


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