Customer story: Web dev company Immer’s outstanding web performance with Tinify CDN

“Performance is more and more important for our clients, and by using Tinify CDN’s services we are able to get outstanding performance scores”

Michael Mol, Founder of Immer

Immer, a Dutch-based web development company, specializes in creating online platforms and websites primarily using Drupal’s content management system. The company’s core goal is to optimize website performance and deliver a seamless user experience. With this, it was a no-brainer for them to explore various Content Delivery Network (CDN) options, and ultimately sign-up for Tinify CDN.

Key results:

  • Simple configuration: Tinify CDN requires minimal technical changes, making it suitable for a small team like Immer. With it working quietly behind the scenes, Immer’s team of 10 employees can focus on other aspects of web development without investing time in complex setup and maintenance.
  • PNG and WebP format support: Tinify CDN stands out by compressing images on the fly, reducing file sizes by up to 80% without noticeable quality loss. At first, its focus on PNG compression was a crucial factor for Immer, and later, when they made the switch to WebP, they found it just as advantageous.
Immer's website

Why implement a CDN

In short, a CDN ensures that users around the world experience reduced latency and faster content delivery without any delay. This is possible because a CDN speeds up online content by delivering it from a network of servers located closer to the end user – the shorter the distance that data has to travel, the better. In this way, implementing a CDN is an easy way to improve website performance, as it requires minimal technical changes to configure it, and performance gains can be seen immediately. 

Immer’s founder Michael Mol explains that the company considered factors such as pricing, features, and support for their technical requirements when looking at CDN options. While there were other alternatives available, Immer was already familiar with Tinify’s image compression services, which they had previously tried out for free. Eventually, this was the defining factor for their choice:

“Obviously, we looked at alternatives, even free and cheaper options, but Tinify CDN had some great support for PNGs which sparked our interest.”

Michael Mol, Founder of Immer

Tinify CDN sets itself apart from other options by not only enhancing load times but also compressing images on the fly. For a company like Immer, this was important as they also build websites that are image-heavy. When using PNGs, which are typically larger than other image formats, the ability to upload and automatically display the compressed versions of the original images guarantees an even more optimized website. This is done by reducing the file size by up to 80% with unnoticeable changes in quality. 

For Michael, this feature is particularly useful for one of their customer segments: “For instance, we have customers in publishing, and these websites can have a lot of images, which compromises how fast a website loads for people who visit it. That’s where Tinify CDN comes in.”

Tinify CDN’s simplicity

Michael says that even though they didn’t have specific benchmarks, they noted instant improvements on website speed. Furthermore, as the team switched to using WebP – a next-gen format that reduces file sizes by up to a third compared to JPEG and PNG images – Michael highlighted the fact that Tinify CDN could compress this format even further.

Nonetheless, on day to day, Tinify CDN is but an unassuming cog in Immer’s machine, working quietly behind the scenes. For a small team like Immer, made up of 10 employees, it is important to not waste time on complex configurations. For Michael, simplicity is key:

“That’s what we expected from Tinify as well: it should just work, running in the background.”

Michael Mol, Founder of Immer

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Tinify’s reputation for effective image compression and the unique benefit of supporting PNG compression were key factors in Immer’s decision-making process. For this web development company, Tinify CDN’s ability to improve web speed, coupled with efficient image compression and support for new formats like WebP, has been useful in maintaining their website performance.

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