Customer story: Tinify’s API helps Adpiler simplify ad approvals for creative agencies

Adpiler is a solution dedicated to streamlining ad approval processes for creative agencies. It allows them to receive feedback and manage approvals in one tool, eliminating the need for multiple email versions and cumbersome zip attachments. To further provide a seamless experience for their clients, Adpiler integrated Tinify’s image compression API to enable them to download and preview HTML5 ads already compressed, contributing to faster loading times.

Key results:

  • Importance of image compression for ads: Smaller ads load faster, contributing to better performance and user experience. Additionally, ad networks like Google impose file limitations, making optimization crucial.
  • Savings and performance improvements: With Tinify’s API seamlessly integrated, Adpiler improved performance and load times for optimized banners.
  • User-friendly integration with Tinify’s API: Adpiler highlighted the ease of integration, reliability, and the advantage of not having to worry about the complexities of image optimization.

Background: Users asked for Tinify’s image compression integration

Adpiler’s founder Jorrit Baerends explains that Tinify was already on their radar, thanks to some customers who were already compressing approved ads. Ultimately, it was these customers who advocated for the integration:

“They requested that we integrate Tinify into our platform to avoid the hassle of going through separate optimization steps. It made perfect sense to us, so we made it happen. Now, our users can upload their HTML5 ads to Adpiler, and during the process, they have the option to optimize the PNG and JPEG files. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a convenient feature that saves them time and ensures their ads are optimized.”

Jorrit Baerends, Founder of Adpiler

One of the main advantages of image optimization for ads is the improvement in load times. The smaller the ad file size, the faster it will load, benefiting both performance and user experience. Additionally, ad networks like Google have file size limitations, such as a maximum of 150 KB. By optimizing images, advertisers can ensure their ads meet these limitations and avoid any issues. 

Using Tinify’s API: Easy integration to complement Adpiler’s solution

Adpiler has been on Tinify’s API corporate plan since 2020, a tailored subscription with a fixed price for companies that compress on average thousands of images per month. Jorrit highlighted the simplicity of the integration process, the reliability of the API, and the advantage of not having to worry about the complexities of image optimization, which isn’t their primary business focus:

“The best part is that we don’t have to bother about it. We simply send an API request, receive the optimized images back, and know that they are compressed while maintaining their quality. This is fantastic because otherwise, we would have to develop our own solution, which isn’t our core business but certainly benefits our customers.”

Jorrit Baerends, Founder of Adpiler

In the future, Adpiler will integrate Tinify into their social ad mockup generator, optimizing images for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Jorrit concluded that with “a quick and easy integration”, Adpiler efficiently compresses customers’ ads, adding value to their solution and making it the go-to choice for digital agencies seeking to save time in ad approvals.


To enhance user experience, Adpiler seamlessly integrated Tinify’s image compression API. This integration enables creative agencies to effortlessly manage and download ads already compressed. By reducing image sizes, ads load faster, solving advertisers’ worries about file size optimization from the get-go.

Are you concerned about meeting ad size requirements? Give Tinify’s API a try and take advantage of our offer of 500 free monthly compressions.

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