Tinify joins CDN Alliance and strengthens its position in the CDN industry

Tinify’s membership in the CDN Alliance showcases its commitment to the CDN industry and support for standardized practices.

Amersfoort – October 18, 2023 – Tinify, renowned for its image compression technology, proudly announced its membership in the CDN Alliance, an independent non-governmental organization dedicated to connecting and supporting the global CDN (Content Delivery Network) industry. This strategic move firmly establishes Tinify’s presence in the CDN market.

This development follows Tinify’s recent transition from its beta version to the final release of its CDN service, marking the beginning of a new era after two years of beta testing. 

According to CTO Remco Koopmans, the decision to join is motivated by the CDN Alliance’s capacity to provide CDN industry players with a valuable opportunity to voice their ideas and be heard, which would otherwise be hard to accomplish without a central hub.

“CDN Alliance is well-known for its activities, which allows us to engage with CDN experts and actively collaborate with them as members of a community”, explained Koopmans.

This is particularly significant for Tinify, as it operates not only as an image CDN, offering image compression on the fly, but also as a multi-CDN, integrating multiple CDN providers into a single solution to ensure comprehensive global coverage. To this extent, effective communication with various CDN providers is pivotal to Tinify’s operations. 

However, as COO Matthijs Plat pointed out, this can be challenging due to the varying standards and definitions employed by different CDN suppliers, making seamless integration into a unified solution a complex task. The CDN Alliance is actively addressing this issue by advocating for standardization and regulation. 

“They are making progress in favor of standardization, and we are eager to be a part of these efforts,” said Plat.

CDN Alliance’s Chairman, Mark de Jong echoed this sentiment: “We are very excited with Tinify joining the CDN Alliance with their expert knowledge in image compression and multi-CDN. Looking forward to working with Tinify and other members on activities and in working groups in relation to CDN and Content Delivery.”

About Tinify

Tinify, also known as TinyPNG, is a company dedicated to improving website performance through image optimization. They are well-known as pioneers in image compression and have extended their services to include a high-speed Content Delivery Network (CDN) for optimal website delivery.




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